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These Charitable Donation Tax Laws Have Been Changed To Help With A Pandemic

If you are inclined to support charity, 2020 might be a special year to do so. The usual funding needs of nonprofits have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many charities have seen donations plummet and income-generating events canceled while grappling with increased demand for their services. A survey conducted in late October by the […]

Tax regulations

New luxury tax regulations are a relevant part of the revised NBA ABCs for the Sixers

[ad_1] The NBA’s salary cap and luxury tax levels remain unchanged at $ 109.140 million and $ 132.627 million, respectively, under the league’s amended collective agreement. While this is not surprising in light of the financial difficulties associated with COVID-19, there is a development in the luxury tax that is relevant to the Sixers. Typically, […]

Tax regulations

Major tax regulations could be on the chopping block after Biden win

[ad_1] President elect Joe biden The Treasury Department could try to review some of the Trump administration’s signature tax rules, especially since the potential for Republicans to hang on to the Senate would make it nearly impossible to pursue legislative plans to overturn the law. 2017 tax. Over the past three years, Democratic lawmakers have […]