Tax laws

“CAs are facilitators in compliance with tax laws”

CA Satish Sarda, CA Dinesh Rathi, CA Rajender Arora,

CA Akshay Gulhane, CA Sanjay C Agrawal, CA Kailash Jogani, CA Trupti Bhattad, CA Jiten Saglani, Chairman,

CA Swaroopa Wazalwar, CA Abhijit Kelkar, CA Ajay Vaswani, CA Deepak Jethwani and CA Saket Bagdia at the seminar.

Business office:

ICAI’s WIRC NAGPUR Branch recently hosted a Finance Bill 2022 Seminar where the two most coveted Nationally Recognized Speakers CA Adv Kapil Goel and CA Rajender Arora deliberated on the areas of Tax Provisions direct and indirect. CA Kailash Jogani, Former President of Nagpur Branch of ICAI, while addressing the program as a keynote guest, said, “Chartered Accountants are the backbone of the economy and facilitate compliance various tax laws. CA Jitendra Saglani, the newly elected Chairman of the Nagpur branch, in his inaugural address welcomed the members and said that the Minister of Finance in her Budget 2022 speech presented on February 1, 2022, separate from very little information on the various amendments in the direct and indirect tax laws. However, there were many changes and modifications when the pros returned the fine print.

These changes needed to be understood correctly and interpreted in their true meaning and therefore this seminar would be very useful to the participants. CA Adv Kapil Goel said that to reduce repeated litigation between taxpayers and the IT department, the FM proposed that the question of law be identical to that pending before the Supreme Court or one of the high courts, the filing of appeal by the department would be deferred until this legal issue is resolved by the court, which is a welcome change. CA Rajender Arora cautioned against the improper use of ITC and advised that proper credit should only be claimed to avoid litigation in the future.

CA Ajay R Vaswani, member of the management committee, coordinated the inaugural session and CA Akshay Gulhane, secretary offered a vote of thanks. CA Sanjay C Agrawal and CA Swaroopa Wazalwar, member of the management committee, coordinated the technical sessions. In attendance were CA Dinesh Rathi, Treasurer, CA Deepak Jethwani, WICASA President, CA Trupti Bhattad, Steering Committee Member, CA Saket Bagdia, CA Satish Sarda, CA Sweety Jain, CA Sachin Jajodia, CA Jethalal Rukhiyana, CA Saurabh Puniyani and a hundred CA. .