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Congress Must Do Its Job On Tax Laws (Letters)

Regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren’s article “How to Fix Our Rigged Tax System”, August 15, page C4, we again have a politician at best naive, probably ill-informed and certainly ill-equipped to represent American citizens. .

She cites the rich, underfunded corporations and IRS as the root of the problem.

Thus, her solution, as typical, is to overtax success, which she prefers to call “wealth”.

First of all, anyone who is naive enough to believe that some companies do not pay tax is just plain stupid and therefore dangerous for the average person.

Who pays half of their employees’ social security obligations, unfortunately most of most people’s pensions? Yes, the company. Medicare, etc.? Yes, the evil under the corporate taxpayer.

Where do tax laws come from? The federal budget that includes IRS funding allegedly underfunded? Yes, senator, from like-minded politicians playing in power like you. In Congress, the White House and the House of Representatives.

Perhaps you and your allies should spend more time understanding the Constitution and other policy documents.

Tax laws, the IRS budget, etc., are your responsibility.

You might want to team up with your friend, Rep. Richard Neal, who heads the Ways and Means Committee. Why? because tax bills initiated by law in the House of Representatives are referred to its committee.

The solution is not to overtax the success which will lead, rightly, to a commercial revolution, like that of the popular rallying cry “No taxation without representation.” “

Perhaps it would be better if we started to hold politicians accountable to standards similar to those of us ordinary people. “Just do your job”

Ed Peplinski, Springfield

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