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Immigration laws, more complicated than tax laws

(Lr) Muzaffar Chishti, Principal Investigator, Director, Office of the Migration Policy Institute at NYU Law School; Nicole Ramos, director of the Border Rights project at Al Otro Lado, based in Tijuana, Mexico; Ava Benach, founding partner of Benach Collopy, an immigration lawyer based in Washington DC (Photos: Ethnic Media Services)


The title says it all. Ethnic Media Services editor-in-chief Pilar Marrero says immigration laws are more complicated than tax laws in the United States. Experts engage in a question-and-answer session with Pilar Marrero as we gain insight into President Biden’s approach to immigration.

America’s immigration laws have been at the forefront of every political struggle. Even in 2021, the GOP is fighting for border closures, immigration limits, and any argument against immigrants – however bizarre – would be a factual argument for the GOP. Think Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and look at the state of his state during this pandemic.

While important, the purpose of this article is not to ridicule the primitive thinking of the GOP in a progressive America. The purpose of this article is to discuss President Biden’s approach to immigration, relative to Trump.

Trump vs. Biden

Muzaffar Chishti summed up Trump and President Biden’s very distinctive approach to immigration.

Trump, keeping his promise of aggressive action on immigration, had taken about 450 executive actions in the space of 4 years. Its immigration policy was described by Tom Homan’s statement. According to Chishti, “The Trump administration, to me, was defined by one thing, … a statement issued by ICE Director Tom Homan once saying that anyone who is unauthorized should look over their shoulder at all times. days. To sum it up perfectly, Trump’s presidency was seen as “in immigration, a presidency on steroids.”

In comparison, President Biden takes a very different approach to US immigration laws Biden, in 6 months, has enacted 155 executive actions on immigration, nearly 3 times Trump – mostly overturning many of Trump’s policies . Chishti explains that President Biden reversed immigration priorities by focusing only on high priority criminals or newcomers. Based on MPI calculations, 87% of illegal immigrants would have less to worry about. “Ordinary offenders… can be reasonably sure that they will be able to come home at night and see their children. “

Green cards

Green card / permanent residence status has been a complicated journey for many people who want to live the “American Dream”. Ava Benach offers two paths to permanent residence – family-based and employee-based.

According to Benach, family green cards have a 22-year backlog that keeps growing. Employment-based green cards have an 8-year delay. Ava Benach points out that Indians are the most affected by individual employment-based green cards.

The bottom line

The discourse on immigration is changing. The younger generation favors immigration and believes that immigration is good for the country.

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