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LHDN: Audits carried out to ensure compliance with tax laws

PETALING JAYA: The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) says its process of auditing or investigating individuals, including politicians, is conducted solely to ensure compliance with tax laws.

As the country’s main revenue collector, he said he remains committed to fulfilling his responsibilities “without fear or favor.”

“LHDN is always fair, equitable and acts with integrity to all taxpayers and acts in accordance with the provisions of the tax laws of the country in an orderly and professional manner.

“In this regard, we would like to emphasize that every enforcement activity, including collection activities and civil litigation, is conducted in accordance with applicable tax laws, in accordance with the tax audit framework and the tax investigation framework that can be accessed through our official website, ”he said in a statement.

LHDN said its system of selecting cases for enforcement action was based on the criteria for non-compliance with tax law and did not store information about a person’s race, religion or political affiliation. individual in his database, adding that this information did not help in the risk assessment of a case.

“Information of individuals or companies subject to audits and investigations is also not disclosed by LHDN because it is confidential.

“If the public, companies or organizations are not satisfied with the contributions issued or believe that there is an error in the tax imposed, an appeal can be made to the Special Commissioner for Income Tax (PKCP) by submitting the Q form which can be downloaded and printed from the official website.

“The completed Q Form and the reasons should be submitted to the LHDN branch that handles this particular income tax file,” he added.

LHDN said that before the Form Q was presented to PKCP, taxpayers could chat with it through the dispute resolution platform to reach an out-of-court settlement.

If such a settlement could not be reached, he said Form Q would be presented and decided by PKCP.

“Taxes are the main revenue of the country and all parties must shoulder their responsibilities,” he said.

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