Tax code

MAILBAG: A simple tax code would be fairer | Opinion

A recent view by a guest from the Portland, Maine Tribune, titled “Proof that the US tax code is rigged,” gave three main reasons for tax injustice. First, the obscene, unspendable, and rapidly growing wealth of the rich is not taxed. Second, the rich use all legal methods to pay only the required tax. Third, even though the editorial says it’s not about tax evasion, it claims billions of dollars in income go unreported. Their proposed solutions are to tax wealth as income and hire thousands of other IRS agents to track down unreported income.

Now I agree that our current income tax system is flawed, but the flaws are not the result of being rich or using all the legal provisions of the tax code to pay only what is necessary. On the contrary, it falls to our politicians who created our extremely complex tax code and then regularly make bogus reforms that somehow favor their financial backers.

Trying to determine someone’s wealth and hiring thousands of other IRS agents to track down unreported income won’t solve the problem, it will only make matters worse. What is needed is a simple tax code that requires minimal paperwork, minimal government oversight, and collects withholding tax on income. Social security, Medicare, and sales taxes are examples that meet these criteria.

Until our tax system is simplified and free from political patronage, it will never be fair.