Tax regulations

The BIR reminds election candidates of tax regulations under penalty of sanctions

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has warned anyone running for office or otherwise participating in the May 9 state and local elections to register and comply with tax regulations, or face fines under the Tax Code. taxes.

All candidates, political parties/groups of party lists and campaign contributions must register with the tax office, issue official receipts and withhold taxes, in accordance with Tax Memorandum 22-2022 signed by the Commissioner of BIR Caesar Dulay.

The registration of political parties or groupings of party lists is done with the District Revenue Office (RDO) on which their registered office or main office depends.

“It is the duty of each individual candidate and political party/party list grouping, upon filing the certificate of candidacy, whether for a local or national position, to register, or update their registration with of the BIR for those who have already registered as withholding agents in accordance with RR (Revenue Regulation) No. 8-2009,” added the memorandum issued on Tuesday.

The candidate must register with the RDO which has jurisdiction over the political subdivision where he wishes to be elected or, if this is not possible, with the RDO which has jurisdiction over his principal residence or registered office/registered office, depending the case.

In the meantime, the memorandum stipulated that individual campaign contributors must be registered under Executive Order 98 as a type of taxpayer with the RDO having jurisdiction over their place of residence. Non-Individual Campaign Contributors must register with the RDO responsible for their principal place of operation or headquarters.