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The tax code must be simple and fair | Letters

Democrats and their liberal allies want to redistribute the wealth of our republic by imposing unprecedented tax burdens on the so-called rich. Karl Marx would be proud.

I join my friends at the Tax Foundation in calling for simplicity: Tax codes should be easy for taxpayers to follow and for governments to administer and enforce.

Neutrality: Taxes should neither encourage nor discourage personal or business decisions. The purpose of taxes is to increase necessary income, not to favor or punish specific industries, activities and products. Reducing tax preferences broadens the tax base so that the government can generate sufficient revenue with lower rates.

Stability: Taxpayers deserve consistency and predictability in the tax code. Governments should avoid enacting temporary tax laws, including tax exemptions, amnesties and retroactive changes, and strive to establish stable sources of revenue.

Transparency: Tax policies must clearly and clearly define what taxpayers must pay and when they must pay it.

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Avoid hiding tax burdens in complex structures. In addition, any changes to the tax code could be made with careful consideration, contributions and open hearings.

It shouldn’t be difficult, even for a Democrat.

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