Tax regulations

Zelenskyy eases tax regulations amid Russian-Ukrainian war; urges Putin’s forces to surrender

As the Russian-Ukrainian war entered its 20th day on March 15, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, while fiercely resisting Moscow’s military advances, released another video to boost the morale of Ukrainian troops by listing casualties and damage from Russia. After extending martial law in Ukraine for the next 30 days, Zelenskyy vouched for maximum deregulation of the respective companies. He also urged members to resume their business activities in areas free from fighting and violent clashes.

In his last speech amid Vladimir Putin’s military offensive, the Ukrainian President said: “Listen to me carefully, Russian officers, you have already understood everything. You won’t take anything from Ukraine. You will take lives. There’s a lot of you. But your life will also be taken. But why should you die? Why ? I know you want to survive. We hear your conversations in the intercepts and we hear what you really think about this senseless war, this shame and your “. Your conversations between you. Your calls to your family. We hear everything and we draw conclusions. We know who are you.”

Zelenskyy offers chance for Russian forces to surrender in latest video

Maintaining his conviction to defend his homeland, the Ukrainian president further warned the Kremlin forces against further destruction. He asked Putin’s men to surrender if they wanted to be treated like humans.

“Therefore, I offer you a choice. On behalf of the people of Ukraine, I give you a chance. A chance to survive. If you surrender to our forces, we will treat you as people should be treated. Decently. somehow you weren’t treated in your army and somehow your army isn’t treating ours. Choose!” he concluded.

“Maximum business deregulation”

Speaking about business deregulation across Ukraine, Zelenskyy said the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers decided on a package of solutions to boost the economy of the war-ravaged country. Referring to citizens who were willing to work in areas where security is in place, he mentioned tax reforms that are agreed.

“First, we are starting a tax reform. Instead of VAT and income tax, we are giving a rate of 2% of turnover and simplified accounting. For small businesses, these are the first and second groups of individual entrepreneurs. We will establish a voluntary payment of a one-time tax. That is, if you can, then pay and if you can’t, then there are no questions said Zelenskyy in his last speech.

Ukraine scraps ‘inspections for all businesses’: Zelenskyy

Additionally, the Ukrainian cabinet is set to abolish inspections for all businesses in a bid to reclaim cities, while businesses should operate within Ukrainian law, Zelenskyy said.

“Our brave defenders (Ukrainian forces) continue to inflict devastating losses on Russian troops. Soon the number of helicopters shot down in Russia will reach hundreds of units. They have already lost 80 combat aircraft. Hundreds of tanks, thousands of other equipment. In 19 days, the Russian army lost more in Ukraine than in two bloody and long wars in Chechnya,” Zelenskyy added.